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Are you really an Entrepreneur?

If you’ve never taken time to understand what it means to be an Entrepreneur, come in here and read.

If someone has told you, that after graduation, become an Entrepreneur, and you don’t know that all they meant is that you should find something doing, sorry to disappoint you, you’re not an Entrepreneur yet if that’s all you did.

Self employment isn’t solely Entrepreneurship and and Trading isn’t necessarily Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a title, it’s a lifestyle.

It’s not what we desire, it’s what we train daily to keep getting at.

It’s a movement, not an action.

It’s a set of activities, thoughts, traits, characteristics, and many more which rolls into one to make an imperfect but fearless risk taker.


I’m not here to scare you.

But if indeed you are having it in mind to become builder of great things, owner of lifetime legacies, you’ve got to be an Entrepreneur.

But I’m sorry to burst it to you,



And that’s not a curse, it’s the reality.

The world is naturally wired to be ordinary and this part of the world has been conditioned to glory and wallow in mediocrity and as such, an Entrepreneur has the chance to shoot out beyond the normal, and to the un-existing, however if he’ll ever succeed, he’ll have to be abnormal by the world’s standard.


You’ll notice I placed the description “African” because we operate in a different terrain.

This isn’t a continent where you wake up with an Idea and you find someone to donate funds to test it out.

It’s a place where you must be smarter than smart to attain smart results which then can attract attention.

And so, being an Entrepreneur isn’t a title, it’s a life of several colours, timings, seasons and sacrifices all through the road.

it’s not self-employment either, neither is it just doing business.

It’s Rather the ability to spot challenges or gaps, wide or thin, reasonable to the mind or not…

It’s the ability to take self initiatives, gather or leverage available resources to meet those challenges and at least ensure a suitable or improvised solution is given, that can later be Improved on, yet bringing in some value which might be in cash or kind.

It’s the ability to find real and measurable ways to get results and profit and devise ways to sustain and grow whatever it is you’ve committed to build.

It’s the ability to face several conditions and challenges that that are older than you, and you yet can fight the condition or fight against the condition, rather, it’s the ability to fight in the condition and win.

Entrepreneurs aren’t civilians, they’re generals who have faced battles of several degrees and yet not back down for they’ll rather be heroes of war than be captives in prison.

Entrepreneurs are men or women of great minds, strong hearts, who will rather drive their lives with mastery of empathy, than to allow emotions and drives of the flesh put them in turmoil of losses and backwardness.

Anyone who rises as such, would have already started taking responsibility, would be working in various ways to make his own life and others better.

And that’s where Creativity is birthed, and internal skills are Developed.

Two environments birth great things

Atmosphere of pain


Atmosphere or guidance.

Most Entrepreneurs go through both to get to the top, a few leverage guidance to move up.

And so a real Entrepreneur is a self-propelled learner who is always more eager to do and learn.

And entrepreneur can’t afford to be ridden In ego, neither can be afford to be at one spot for too long without results else, he invites the learned to check him out, submit in humility before pain and Experience teaches him the most important lessons of life.

Unfortunately, I’ve not seen too many Entrepreneurs in our clime.

That’s also why we have too many that should be followers being leaders, because many were never prepared in the depth of self-development guided life of impact.

Listen, you want to get to that height you’re seeking? Two things you must be

1. A Real Leader

2. A Real Entrepreneur.

Now that I’ve described 1/1000 of what an Entrepreneur is…

There must come a time when you really look at your journey and ask yourself the question many fear to ask sincerely


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