How to create a strong voice for your brand on social media

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How to create a strong voice for your brand on social media

It is no longer news that businesses are now on social media because more people are now on these platforms.

How do you want your audience to subtly perceive or judge your business as? This is where branding steps in.

You are responsible for how you present your business to people but they are responsible for how they judge it at the end. May I emphasize that packaging is overly important? Let’s get to how this is done but before then let me make you understand in simple English what branding entails: Branding is a deliberate act of creating a picture, name and symbol that tallies with your business, company/organization’s goals, mission and vision.

If your business involves the sale of shoes, your logo should not have an emblem of a dress, such is misleading.

In this post, I will love to assume that you got a befitting graphic designer to design your logo so I will mainly discuss how you can present your brand on social media.

  1. Create an outstanding profile

Your business is certainly not the only one that offers the services you offer. In creating a profile, you have to state what makes yours unique from others in order to stand out. Dress your profile just how you want your brand to be addressed.

  • Select a username for use on all your platforms online
  • Ensure the name you choose tallies with your brand’s goals.
  • Use the same name across all your social media platforms and on your website. For instance, your business’ name is Dexterity Studios and you duplicate the same name on your Facebook page but use Dexterity Photos on your Twitter platform, this would confuse your potential clients and customers.
  • To create a secure online presence and make your content easy to find; more accessible to potential clients and customers searching your brand name, ensure uniformity of name on all platforms.
  • Be deliberate about contents you endorse

Bear in mind that you and your business are two different personalities so to speak. While you may endorse content of your choice freely on your personal page, it is wrong to endorse any type of content on your business page as it may not tally with your brand.Be deliberate about posts you put out, like, retweet, share or comment on when using your business page.

  • Ensure that posts you put out, tally with your brand’s goals, mission and vision.
  • Ensure that posts you endorse tally with your brand’s goals, mission and vision.
  • Be human as much as possible

For your audience to resonate deeply with your content, it has to relate to them. Remember the use of storytelling to capture the emotion of your audience? Your content must not necessarily have to be in written form before you can tell a story; videos, info-graphics and pictures can still serve the same purpose. What matters is that your audience can relate to the content you put out so they can engage.

-Avoid using jargons and go straight to the point too.

-Engage with your clients by swiftly responding to their messages, questions, contributions, or remarks in a modest way.

  • Avoid click baits

While it is necessary for your post to have a good headline, avoid using a highly sensational headline to draw them to a post that is not worth it. This tends to water down the expectation of your brand image in their mind and bore them along the line as they read your post.

Branding on social media is not a by chance action. Be deliberate!!!

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