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“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is maybe you should setup a life you don’t need to escape from”

– Seth GodinLeader is someone who 
• Motivates
• Leads
• Says We
• Develops People
• Gives Credit to members
• Establishes equal relationships
• Offers constructive criticism
Leaders work together and want others to succeed, continually learn new things, take responsibility for failures and are all about ideas. Leadership is well defined as “A real leader isn’t somebody who develops the most followers; a real leader is somebody who develops the most leaders.”Leadership is not about just leading and getting more followers it’s about bringing all together and growing together and bringing up the leaders in others
Everyone wants to make money, but you got to hustle for that, you never get money if you are lazy and not thinking about making changes thinking differently or taking risks. You get paid for the courage to think differently and take risks. Your income should be based on your
• Hustle
• Work Ethic
• Potential
Not on your
• Age
• Time on the job
• What other thinks you are worth
The book has referral of the book From Rich Dad Poor Dad stating about 2 dads teaching their sons two different philosophies. One had a college degree and the other had an eighth grade education. Rich dad wasn’t rich yet and poor dad wasn’t poor yet. Both of them were struggling with money and both had different views. One said “Love of money is the root of all evils.” And the other said “Lack of money is the root of all evils.”One said “I can’t afford it” and other said “How can I afford it?” Exercising your brain makes it stronger. The stronger it is, the more money it makes. The reason rich get richer, poor get poorer and middle class stays middle class is because the subject of money. The subject of money is taught at home and not is school.
To be successful or have a life you want to live here are few questions you should ask yourself.
• Are people in your same field or position currently making 6 figure incomes?
• Do you have capability to do it faster?
• Is your income capped or do you have the capability to make as much as you’d like?
• How serious are you about building your dream?
• How serious are you about living an exceptional lifestyle?
• How serious are you about creating your six figure income?SHARE

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