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If you want to break free of mediocrity, you must change your perspective on wealth and understand what it really takes to create wealth.
It’s not about habit or action here….. It’s about mindset critical for your success.
Thomas Stanley has been studying wealth for years, he discovered that.
• 3% are wealthy.
• 27% are financially comfortable.
• 55% are living paycheck to paycheck.
• 15% are further in debtors.
Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone. Entrepreneurs are somebody who controls their income and makes money through their intelligence, relationships, ideas and implementation. They don’t want to play it safe, they take risks. Entrepreneurs include sales professionals, network marketers, business owners, leaders, speakers, authors, coaches and those working for themselves.
The “4W’s” to lifestyle satisfaction by Michael Masterson:
• What do you do?
1. What’s the possibility and upside?
2. Is the opportunity endless? Is it something you enjoy doing?
3. Does it really inspire and help people?
4. Are you in 100% control of your schedule, income and advancement?
• Who do you do with?
1. Who is leading you?
2. Are they inspiring and do they challenge you?
• When do you do it, and when you don’t?
1. Do you have flexibility?
2. Can you design your business to fit around your lifestyle?

 “If you hate what you do, even a small percentage it’s time for a change”

– Gary Vaynerchuk
• Where do you Work?
1. Can you work from home or while you’re travelling?
2. Can you move if you’re tired of where you are living?
3. Do you have an inspiring environment that sparks your creativity and genius?
You have goals to increase your income. If you are not satisfied with your income, here’s something you should do.

 “Stop doing what you’re doing”

Here’s something that will make it clear

 “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

– Albert Einstein
What’s great about life and opportunity is the chance to completely change the story and redirecting overnight.
• Don’t let money define you: Your self-worth has nothing to do with your finances.
• Start prioritizing your profits: When you set up your weekly schedule, make sure you start with income producing activities. Twenty percent of your activities account for 80% of your income.
Constantly ask yourself if what you’re doing is profitable, and focus on doing what you should versus what you feel. Also remember: Impact drives income.
• Start placing a higher value on your time: Time is more valuable than money. We all have 24 hours; it’s what you do with them that determine everything.
• It’s ok to say “NO”: This word can change your life. Say no to everything that doesn’t create income for you until you get your income to place you feel confident and secure.
• Proximity is power: Start elevating your peer group, and reaching out to those playing the game of life at a higher level than you. Their belief system, their way of begin and their attitudes are contagious.
• Lower your excuses: As excuses go up the bank account goes down. Excuses are disease and those who continue making them will continue to have money issue.
• Shift your focus from Victim to Leader: Stop blaming the economy, stop blaming your past, stop blaming your boss or company and stop thinking the world is out to get you.

 “The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you can change everything in your life.”

– Hal Elrod
Realize that your bank account isn’t who you are; it’s who you were before you made the decision to change it.SHARE

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