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Plotting The Graph

This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life and such that has brought me to where I am.

Some time ago, I was meditating as my custom is, and a thought line appeared in my heart. I remembered my Chemistry and physics laboratories when in secondary school, how we conducted experiments and drew a table of values to be later plotted on a graph sheet.

I remembered that many times, we had about 10 iterations of the experiment, and we were always going to compare with the reference which our teacher had done, and he would be waiting for us to get the exact or very close to the exact values he got in order to mark us.

However, our teacher wasn’t waiting for the points we drew, he was always waiting for the slope of the graph and some answers we were to trace out from the graph, in terms of Intercept on X or Y-Axis.

Then I remembered that several students as of then, would make it a matter of play and get it wrong, while some will copy other people’s graphs and points, locate on their own sheets and draw lines.

That was often the beginning of failure.

All those times, when the results came, there never was a time we had the opportunity to do the experiments again, especially if it was a Continuous assessment.

Then it dawned on me, that the life we’re in, is a graph drawn from many points, a continuous assessment exercise never to be joked with.

Each and every day gives us an opportunity to conduct an experiment, a titration of our positives against the natural negatives, a chance to look at life, like light through the Triangular prisms on white sheets, and make the dots based on the degree of clarity our eyes could pick.

Every 24 hours, we make a dot on the sheet of life.

But then, there is only one challenge. These experiments can’t be repeated in case there is an error. To make it worse, many times we don’t get to know immediately whether the experiment was wrong or not as we are on the journey to the future.

And so, in a very short while, that future comes, that new position at work, that new business opportunity, that new relationship, that new offer, that new idea, those places that serve as the future for our experiments of yesterday, get to arise and at such times, it is time to connect the dots.

It is now time to check the slope, but much more importantly, it is time to compare our results with the reference point. The future that awaits, whether we had gotten our process right and got prepared for this day.

And so for some, out of 10 years, they have spent 8 wasting away doing the wrong things, or doing the right things in the wrong way. For others, they were just lazy to maximize themselves, but rather copy other people’s sheets, and spent their 20 years running another man’s race with no trophy.

For some, yes they have not spent many years, but they’ve carefully plotted their points with accuracy in respect to their perceived reference points. They chose what they did carefully, carrying great visions on their shoulders as they moved on. They gazed into the future and from the faint images, moved on the sands of time to make an impact.

Listen, every second is a point. Every day is a point. Every year is a point. Every decade is a point. And so there is a point within points. And there are circles of gyration.

If indeed you don’t want to get into your future and draw the line to join the points only to find few dots falling in place…. Here are a few things to do among many others:

Now is the time to get Grace in the Race. Get into a productive relationship with divinity and see into the future ahead of you.

Now is the time to look back and check your times of ignorance, gaze into the future, and examine your today, to make the right decisions.

Now is the time to become or continue being intentional with your life, putting less time to do much accurately, and deploying your power of choice effectively by conscious check.

Now is the time to choose your circles. Starting with a mentor, and someone to pace your life out of mediocrity unto unprecedented excellence.

Now is the time to push yourself beyond measure and fight like cancer, anyone who tells you “Your own is too much (if you’re on the right path)”.

Now is the time to run the race against time, as no one will win that race, but everyone can make time their best benchmark, making discipline their best friend and accountability their best pal.

Now is the time to embrace investment in your personal life. It’s the time to pour value into your spirit, soul, and body, from within, and not carry external adornments on an empty container.

Now is the time to see beyond profit, but look unto Value. For value will bring profit and let you remain relevant as you make an impact, but pursuing profit alone may make you relevant today, but leave your life empty of fulfillment tomorrow.

Now is the time to check your internal scripts and ideologies, and rid yourself of derailing knowledge.

Now is the time to plot your graphs in your mind before plotting the points in life.

For indeed life is such a graph, that we only know the accuracy of it when we look back from the future, except we had taken all efforts to plot it right, from the day we got the right sense of destiny and purpose fulfillment.

You don’t want to get to that future to realize you’ve been launching kites and building sand houses all your life.

Listen, the speed at which you’re going up won’t matter if, in the long run, you’ve missed your directions.

A foolish man continues on the path of inadequacy, thinking that tomorrow will correct itself, saying “what will be will be”. Of course, what will eventually be, are likely to be tears of regrets on his face.

A wise man, having lost the direction or underachieve, takes a pause, looks back, and re-adjust his steps, Places a vision ahead of him and run the race with his last breath.

I’m a messenger of the Gospel. I’m an Entrepreneur. I’m an Academician. I’m a Tech Enthusiast and Innovator. I’m a Youth Development Proponent. I am going to have a Home.

I have a message. I give it through writing and speaking. I coach lives to achieve dreams and I get paid for it. It’s not easy to be all this, but such is the life I must live, AS I KNOW IT SHOULD BE. All because of My Vision which I received of my father. “I’m committed to helping men realize their God-given dreams in Life”

And when I Stand before God, I want to tell him I did all he wanted me to do on earth, and I Missed none.

When You stand in the future, what will you love to be said about Your Life’s graph?

It was accurate? or that it had so many missed points?

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