The Power of Absolute Clarity

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The Power of Absolute Clarity

 “It’s easy to make money once you determine what your real values are.”

– Peter Voogd
Something happens when you become clear on who you are and what you want in life. Once you get clear on what you want and why, you don’t need all the details. You just need to know what you want and come up with enough reason to spark with some action.
Action is what creates real motivation not the other way around. Sometimes you must realize what’s too hard for other is just right for you.
There are only two things that motivates somebody its pain or pleasure. With fuzzy vision comes fuzzy motivation,

 “A genius without a road map will get lost in any country, but an average person with a road map will find their way to any destination.”

– Brain Tracy
In a world filled with so many options, mindless distraction, evolving technology and information overloaded, it can become extremely difficult to gain clarity. Clarity brings confidence raises your standards.

 “The most important thing you should protect at all time is your standards. Never let them slip.”

– Peter Voogd
Ask yourself whether your action reflects the quality of the person you want to be or can be. If the answer is no, ask how quickly you can adjust and adapt actions to make sure they’re congruent with your vision.

Clarity gives you power because you are coming from a place of certainty and confidence. You don’t need to know exact vision, just have an idea of where you want to go and who you want to become. Once you become committed, your excuses will naturally lessen, and your capacity will extend naturally because you are willing to go to more. First you must do is shift from complexity to simplicity.
Each one of us has the immense potential to create amazing things in life and find lasting happiness and success, by living life on purpose. Your purpose on your life is to discover who you are. For this you should be willing to stop “GOING”, “DOING” and “CHASING” and start spending more time really understanding who you are and where your creative genius lies.
One of the most defining choices you make in your entire life is deciding what kind of person you will be on everyday basis. What will you stand for? What values standards beliefs will you demonstrate each day? How do you want to live in three years than five years? DO you want to be in position where you don’t have to worry about finances? What’s important to you? In other words, what are your values? Your make you do the things that are often not easy to do. You don’t want to live life based on someone else’s values.
Reason always comes first, results comes second. You must have goals and dreams to pull you through your toughest challenges. Only 5% of society has their goals written on paper and those 5% make more than other 95% combines. People set all these big goals and want to make big money, but they aren’t thinking or acting like person they need to be to deserve these goals. Ask yourself “Am I thinking and acting like the person I need to in order to achieve these goals?” Your result will always be congruent with who you are, how you think and what you do on daily basis.

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